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Tatlı genç kızın başı, üvey babasının uyurgezerlik problemiyle beladadır. Üvey babası sürekli yanına gelerek kendisini elleyip sikmektedir. Genç kız bundan annesine bahsetse de annesi ona idare etmesi gerektiğini, bir uyurgezeri uyandırmanın çok tehlikeli olduğunu söyler… HD 720p Türkçe altyazılı uyurgezer baba kızını sikiyor pornosunu izle.

Sleep Walking Dad

Step-Daughter explains to step-mom whats been happening to her. Step-Mom is shocked but cant think of anything to stop it. She says she’ll try to satisfy him more from now on and that maybe that’ll help but besides that she doesn’t know what to do. She tells her step-daughter that if it happens again to make sure he cum’s in her mouth from now on. Step-Daughter says she understands but isn’t to happy. Step-Daughter is sitting on the couch watching TV, step-dad is on the couch too in a deep rest. Step-Dad suddenly get s up and moves toward his step-daughter. “Please not again….” is all she manages before he starts to grab her. “It’s no use, I just have to let him fuck me and make sure he cums in my mouth….” She whispers as step-dad starts to strip her. Step-Dad finally gets her fully naked and starts fucking her, they fuck in various positions on the couch. Step-Daughter is much more open to whats happening now, she might as well enjoy herself since she cant stop it and step-dad never remember anyways. When step-dad starts to get close she slides off him and sucks him off till he cums in her mouth. Watch free HD Turkish subtitled uyurgezer baba kızını sikiyor porn.

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